conscientious sourcing


We believe that traditional recipes need traditional flavors. That’s why Zai Lai uses heritage pork and humanely raised meats. These ingredients were the only kind people knew a century ago. We’re conscientious in the responsibility we have to the land. We source local produce, as fresh as we can get it. Not only do sustainable ingredients taste better, they’re better for our world.


Our pork is humanely raised, antibiotic-free, vegetarian grain fed from local farms in PA. Our heritage pork is from Duroc pigs from Vande Rose Farms. It is antibiotic-free, vegetarian-grain fed premium pork. Our beef is humanely raised from local coops in Pennsylvania. As much as we can, our produce is locally sourced so we get the freshest ingredients available.


Our bowls are sourced conscientiously as well. Zai Lai uses compostable bowls that will be fully decomposed after ninety days In a composting facility. The city produces 12,000 tons of waste each day (That's 24 million pounds! Per day!). We want to do our part to minimize waste.  

We recycle everything we can. Our drink pouches are reusable.  

For a limited time, we're selling reusable utensils to help you minimize your waste. In the future, we’d love to carry reusable bowls as well.